About Us

In 1995, a week-long residential program called the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge (FELC) was created in North Carolina designed to educate high school students about the free enterprise system. Since its founding, FELC has graduated over 8,300 students from all across the United States and ten different countries. Through its unique experiential learning curriculum, students not only learn the principles of free enterprise and principles of leadership, they also buy and sell products using real money.  Twenty-one years later, FELC still runs strong with four 2016 sessions scheduled in North Carolina, Florida and Texas.


Because the FELC program was limited to summer sessions, the opportunity to develop a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on free enterprise became available in 2014. Led by Dr. Peter Frank, Dean at the School of Business at Wingate University, this unique curriculum allows students and others to learn about our free enterprise system. This is accomplished through short lessons that teach the fundamentals of this system, how to start a business, ethical and leadership training and how government intersects with the free enterprise system. The program was also assisted by Derrick Nantz, current teacher of economics at Wake Technical Community College and adjunct professor at UNC-Wilmington, and one of the budding stars for online education.

Both the Free Enterprise Now™ curriculum and the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge program are funded by private donations. Our supporters believe in the free enterprise system and that all students should be given the opportunity to learn why it’s the best economic system worldwide.

To learn more about the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge program we invite you to visit our website at www.felcexperience.org. If you have any questions or comments about Free Enterprise Now™, please email us at info@freeenterprisenow.org.


PeterFrankheadshotDr. Peter Frank is the Dean for the School of Business and a professor of economics at Wingate University, where he chairs the BB&T Program on the Moral Foundations of Free Enterprise. He is a member of the Southern Economic Association, the Society for Development of Austrian Economics, and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Actions. In 2011, he received a Fulbright Scholar grant to teach and study economics at the Academy of Economic Studies in Chisinau, Moldova. Dr. Frank received his BA and MS in economics from Grove City College and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, respectively and his Ph.D. in public policy from George Mason University. Dr. Frank’s blog can be read at www.FrankEconomics.com. Contact: peter@freeenterprisenow.org


DerrickNantzheadshotDerrick Nantz currently teaches philosophy and humanities courses at Wake Tech Community College. He is an adjunct professor at UNC-Wilmington, and has also taught courses at Georgia State University and NC Wesleyan College. Derrick earned a MA in philosophy from Georgia State University, a MBA from Methodist University, and a BA in Philosophy and Economics from UNCW. He is a FEE Alumnus, a graduate of the Objectivist Academic Center, and a graduate of the EA Morris Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in North Carolina.



Amy PicAmy Wray Frank holds an MBA from Wake Forest University, and a B.S. in Computer Systems/Business from Grove City College.  After working in the corporate world, she realized she enjoyed teaching and became an adjunct business department professor, teaching at UNC-Charlotte, George Mason University, and Wingate University.  She realized she loved teaching so much that she decided to homeschool her four children as well.