Legacy Leadership: Lead with Purpose, Direction, and Optimism

Legacy Leadership video series presented by Dan Quiggle, founder and CEO of The Quiggle Group.

About Dan Quiggle:
Dan Quiggle is a serial entrepreneur, marquee keynote speaker, and passionate about inspiring leaders at all levels in their practical pursuit of extraordinary leadership. Dan empowers leaders to lead with purpose, direction, and optimism through leadership retreats, corporate training, and keynote speaking. Dan equips each individual in his audience with tangible ways to excel—both personally and professionally.


Legacy Leadership Part 2:
The Leadership Mindset

Part 2.1: You Write Your Own Story of Success


Part 2.2: Be Solution Oriented

Part 2.3: Focus on Value Creation

Legacy Leadership Part 3: Leadership and Guiding Principles

Part 3.1: Humility

 Part 3.2: Initiative

Part 3.3: Enthusiasm

Part 3.4: Competitive Greatness

Legacy Leadership Part 4: Building and Leading Teams

Part 4.1: Your Kitchen Cabinet

Part 4.2: Empowering Others

Part 4.3: Attitude of Gratitude

Legacy Leadership Part 5: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Part 5.1: Self-Awareness

Part 5.2: Empathy

Part 5.3: Situational Awareness

Part 5.4: Inspirational Leadership

Part 5.5: Positive Outlook

Legacy Leadership Part 6: Leadership Through Times

Part 6.1: Crisis

Part 6.2: Creative Destruction