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Introduction to the Foundations of Free Enterprise

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Is this the greatest economic system in the world? But where did it come from? In these short lessons, you will learn how this system was created and why it flourishes. In addition, scroll down past the videos to locate our other resources links which include articles, books to read and other short videos to watch. Finally, take a few notes and then take a short quiz after the lesson to see if you understand the free enterprise system.

1.1 Introduction to Free Enterprise

Did you ever run a lemonade stand in your neighborhood when you were younger? Did you really think of all the economics and planning involved in making a profit? Take a few minutes and learn what’s really involved in running a lemonade stand.


1.2 The Role of Human Nature and Freedom of Choice

1.3 Basic Principles of Free Enterprise

1.4 Economics of Free Enterprise

1.5 Misconceptions of the Free Market

If our government raises the minimum wage then more workers will not only earn more but also climb into the middle class. Is this true? Who absorbs the cost when the minimum wage is forced to increase by government policy? Hint, if you’re in high school, you need to watch this video.


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