Is our free enterprise system in the United States truly free? Has government regulated the system excessively? In this lesson you’ll learn the role of government and how it interacts with business.  Take our quiz at the end to test your knowledge of this lesson and then decide if you believe government has over regulated our economy.

5.1 The Historic Role of Government


Need a basic civics refresher? Watch this short video on how Congress works.


5.2 Understanding Business Regulations


5.3 The Effects of Business Regulation


It’s no secret federal regulations have an impact on our free enterprise system. What about the federal debt? Here’s something to consider, take a minute and watch this video.

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Lesson Completed

Congratulations! Now show off what you learned with this short quiz.


Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman

The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise by Arthur Brooks

Defending The Free Market : The Moral Case for a Free Economy by Rev. Robert Sirico